About Me and My Blog



My name is Steven Bocek. I am not a fancy writer. I am on a mission though.

Just a few short months ago, my wife was diagnosed with Cancer. For anyone going through this, you know the demands of the caregiver and of the patient. I started this blog about 6 months into her treatment as a way to have an outlet.

I write because it is therapeutic for me. If I am able to help someone along the way that is a bonus. I would love to become a Leadership coach. I love every facet of leadership and growing and molding people into superstars that they can be. Many people don’t know what leadership is and that is where I want to step in and help.

For now, I write so you can learn. Whoever you are, you will know when you read my blog. I am only the vehicle. Allow me to share with you what I know. Thank you and have a blessed day.





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