Cancer and the fight

I have to share with you an experience that I just went through. Not always when you write do you think about who is on the receiving end or who it is that is receiving.

Just a few days ago, a family friend called my mother in law. She had the most terrible news that she had colon cancer. Going through the process right now with my wife, I knew now what she will be faced with and what she will be going through.

The reason and the way that she found out was through one of my writings sharing about colon cancer and the need to get screened. She had never been screened and she was in her 70’s. She saw my post and decided that she would get screened and made the appointment. It was very quick and she found out the results of the screen. They put her into surgery. The doctor said with strong assurance that he was able to remove all of the cancer that was there.

It was because of what I wrote and shared to everyone that she took that action to have the check. As I say in my bio on the front of this page, if I am able to affect one person and make a difference, I have done something positive.

I have also received some other great news, that one of my friends’ mom who was diagnosed with cancer, now does not. Luckily is was a misdiagnosis, but I don’t with that kind of diagnosis on anyone.

God is good. Pray for my wife and her continued fight and God’s blessing and cure for her. Thanks to all who read.

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