The Giraffe vs. The Turtle

As a continuation from my previous post, we look at the giraffe.

A giraffe doesn’t start out looking like a giraffe. As an adult, its neck can be 9 feet long. His total height can be 16-20 feet. He is not born with a long neck. He would not be able to traverse the womb and the birth canal that way. So when he comes forth, he doesn’t really look like a giraffe, because all of his attributes have not come to fruition. The reason he is so short and stubby is so that he can pass from one world to the next. The thought that comes to mind here is this, “Don’t judge me from where I start, Judge me how I finish.”

Let’s look a little deeper. You know for sure that a turtle is much smaller that a giraffe. Do you then know that the same two can occupy the same space? The turtle can be in the same exact space as the giraffe by laying in between the legs of the giraffe. The only difference is they have different world views. The giraffe can be in the same geographical location as the turtle but the giraffe eats from the tops of the trees and the turtle eats of the grass below. Two different views. What happens to most people is we eat on the level of our vision. When you are a giraffe and you get criticism from turtles, the turtles are reporting on the level that they are on.

If you understand this, you will be moved by what they say. You see, sometimes it isn’t what they are saying isn’t true, because they know of you behavior in the past and they have defined you how you were, and they don’t necessarily understand who you are. You see, they’re understanding of who you are will incarcerate you to who you were because they will keep dragging you to your lower self instead of you evolving to your higher self.

Don’t get distracted by the comments of the turtle. I remember a story told of a writer that had a column in the Wall Street Journal. Over and over the editor would tell the writer, keep the articles coming, our readers love what you are putting out. After just a few short weeks, the writer stopped writing. He was looking through the column and was reading some of the comments. Wow, they must not like me, these are awful comments. The editor called and asked why he wasn’t writing any longer. He said, well I was looking at the comment of some of the readers and I really don’t think they like what I am writing. She said, Oh on the contrary, those that write the awful comments are not our readers, our readers are ones who hold at least a master’s degree or higher. The people writing those comments don’t even know how to spell. She said, you cannot use the comments as an indication of the audience, because our readers don’t even have time to comment. The writer thought for a moment and said, Oh my gosh, I am losing the opportunity to talk to the giraffes because I was distracted by the comments of the turtles.

In every person’s life, there are giraffes and there are turtles. Remember I said they can occupy the same space, the turtle is geographically located on the same space as the giraffe. Neither one of them is lying. The turtle is eating on the level of his vision and the giraffe is eating on the level of his vision, and whenever turtles comment on giraffes, you cannot trust the comments of the turtle because they are reporting on their own world view.

They are always gonna be in your business. They are always going to give their opinion. The turtle is right between the legs of the giraffe. Always grumbling and trying to set the tone. Don’t let the comments of the turtle get in your way of success. The giraffe eats from the tops of the trees because they can. Don’t stoop down to eat the grass.

Finally, when you look at a giraffe, how many times do you see a giraffe looking down for something to eat. Never. It eats from the tops of the trees as mentioned, because he can. It is unable to reach the ground by standing. Even at the zoo, the handler has to put the giraffes food high up so that he can eat. How are you eating. Are you eating from the tops of the trees? Are you able to say that I am stepping into my dream rather that just posting photos of your dream on the wall? Are you gaining the best information you can and being providing the best of the tops of the trees as you can? If not, it is time to make a change. Don’t be a bottom feeder.

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