The Story Of Two Wood Choppers

A long time ago, two men were hired to chop wood all day long.

They each had a huge pile to chop with an axe, and had to work until they finished.

Ever chopped wood?

It’s tough…all the muscles in your body will burn even if you just do it for just a few minutes.

So, early in the morning, they both began.

The first man chopped for about an hour, then took a break.

The second man kept chopping, without any break at all. As the day went on, the second man noticed the first taking more regular breaks. “Aha!” he figured, “I’m easily going to finish before he does!”

Soon evening came. Both men were tired, and their piles of wood were diminished, but not gone. However, something strange happened:

The first man (who took all those breaks) quickly worked through his entire pile, chopped the final piece, and prepared to go home. The sun was setting, and he was done for the day. The second man still had a couple hours of work ahead of him, and he couldn’t contain his astonishment: “Wait a minute! How did you finish before me? I saw you taking breaks but I didn’t take any!”

The first man replied, “I took the time to sharpen my axe.”

You may have heard that story before but the reality never fades. If you want to do more of anything, you have to sharpen your tools. If you want to have a good business, you have to have a good business plan. If you want to know more about your faith, you read more about the Bible and what it teaches. If you want to be a good leader, you must mentally prepare your mind.

You cannot work hard the “old school” way. You cannot blindly follow the business plan your organization has laid out for you. That just leads to being part of the 97% of people who fail. Now through other posts you learned that failure is also a teaching tool but only if you learn from your failure can you then move forward. Don’t be like the one person that did not stop to sharpen his tool. It gets dull and doesn’t work very well. Hmm, that sounds like some employees I know, dull and don’t work very well. Do not let this happen to you. Sharpen your axe!!

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