We’re Going Into Overtime People!

Today is the perfect day to launch another edition of my Blog.  Why, you ask?

Because God has officially let me live one day more! {Cue Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’, close your eyes and imagine me doing a fabulously fierce touchdown dance (think Cam Newton meets Tebow’s prayer pose).} When two teams go into overtime, there is a bit of drama that ensues. Both teams are now fighting for one chance to win. It takes time that originally wasn’t scheduled. The rules of overtime or extra time vary between sports and even different competitions. Some may employ “sudden death”, where the first player or team who scores immediately wins the game. In others, play continues until a specified time has elapsed, and only then is the winner declared. If the contest remains tied after the extra session, depending on the rules, the match may immediately end as a draw, additional periods may be played, or a different tiebreaking procedure such as a penalty shootout may be used instead.

 Why, Why, Why? 

God, where were you when this happened?  WHERE ARE YOU now? Why would you do this to my wife? 


A lost soul

When Carol was diagnosed with Colon cancer at 48 years old, a new life ahead of us was guaranteed. It has now been a year since she first broke her leg that led to the eventual diagnosis of cancer.  Carol has been through a lot in the last year.

Just a short recap,

Oct-Broken Leg surgically repaired with screws and plate.

Nov-Second Broken Leg, same leg same repair. Also diagnosed with colo-rectal cancer.

Dec-Jan goes through chemo and radiation

Feb-Leg contracts infection. Surgery to remove infection leaves 3”x 8” wound requiring wound vac.

Apr-Infection does not go away, amputation of leg.

Jun-Switch doctors and head to University of Alabama in Birmingham

Sep-Has colostomy surgery. Also has second colostomy surgery. Released is the information that the cancer has spread to her lungs.

Carol had been given a time limit but I don’t think  I could have lived with that kind of information. Shake that awful thought.

During all this, the chemo, surgeries, and such, there was no time for me to shed a tear or to feel bad about the situation. I was so focused on taking care of Carol that I wasn’t living.


God can handle all our anger, all our fear.  All of it. It took me a while to figure it out but once I did, it was so freeing.  During the previous said months, I drifted closer and closer to a God I already knew but somehow drifted away from. I have always known that he was there but for whatever reason, he had become a “God of convenience.” I’m stubborn, y’all.  I mean, He put me in this situation to draw me closer to Him. For that I am certain.

On a couple of occasions, Carol and I were at each other’s throat. We were and still are so stressed. My core was shaken and my soul was stirred. What a gunky, heavy, empty, miserable pit. I remember falling to my knees and crying out in desperation…this is it? This is our new life? How could you do this us? If you’ve been there you know what I’m talking about and if you haven’t, I hope and pray you never have to go there.

The good news is God was there waiting all along and His plan was in motion.  To this day, I often visualize God’s giant yet gentle arms cradling my lifeless body and scooping me up as I laid in the downward dog position bawling crying, in shackles and gasping for air.


God is present everywhere.  No matter how big or small the situation or how far apart from Him you have grown, He’s there and can handle anything you dish out. Just close your eyes and imagine a massive pummeling bag dangling from the heavens and go for it…punch it. Boom! Let ‘er rip. I get goose bumps thinking about how mighty He is.

Over the coming months, Carol will be going through another round of chemo. I’ll share how both Carol and I deal with that. Each round is different and this one will be the heaviest. In hopes to kill the cancer at her lungs and her groin, she will have that heavy dose. I share our story mostly for therapy for me but I hope that you learn a little through our plight and maybe, just maybe you’ll laugh a little while we’re at it.

Today IS the first day of the rest of our lives. I’m gonna live mine OT style – sometimes frolicking, sometimes trudging. Carol is not shooting for a tie, she is going all out for the win in this, “Her Overtime” And the best part about it is we not alone. We never was and we never will be.

One thought on “We’re Going Into Overtime People!

  1. May he continue to bless you, fill you and strengthen you! His hand is on Carol in her treatment. Bless the doctors and nurses who also truly make a difference. Love, Cheryl

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