Leadership is like being Born , and Born Again, Always in Transition!

Being associated with the military for so many years, first in the Army and now as a Army and Air Force Civilian, I have had the chance to move around a lot. Moving from State to State and/or Country gives life and the job a new perspective each and every time you move. Not only do you have a new place to call home, you have a new job, new peers, new supervisors. It is a very unique situation. It is like being in transition every few years or so. Sometimes you can move for a promotion. Sometimes just for a different opportunity. Looking at the promotion aspect we look at the old home now as something we have outgrown. A place that we can no longer fit into. It is now our time to move into a more challenging position.

Let’s take a look at birth. At some point, usually around the nine month mark, sometimes sooner but usually not much later,  you start to out grow the parameters of your surroundings. The womb that you live in is now too small as you grow from a fetus to an unborn child. It is the perfect environment for you while you are growing and changing. But then, You cannot feed in one realm and stay in that realm. If you continue to feed and get enough on the inside of you, you cannot stay within that same realm you start to have a discomfort staying in the dimension that you once lived in. You have now outgrown your environment.

Now when a child is born, he has quite the travel. He has to go through a narrow passage, go through some very not so nice smells, be mixed with some dirty stuff, and this isn’t the choice that the child has made. It is a choice however, that has to be made because the child has now outgrown the home he has become used to. Liken this to leadership, that if you continue to feed the inside of your knowledge and soul, and if you continue to feed the inside, it will open up your mind, open up your thinking, and open up ideas and open up your concepts until all of a sudden, you are uncomfortable in what you were once comfortable in. In reality, God says you should cry when a child is born and rejoice when a child dies, because God understands that birth and death are labors together with him to push you from one world to the other.

When you start thinking on another level, you start to become separated from where you once were. What you used to think was funny, isn’t funny anymore. What you used to enjoy, you don’t enjoy anymore. Perhaps you used to love to sit in front of the television and watch those popular singing shows. Now that you have started filling your soul from the inside, you don’t like those shows anymore, you like to read!. You are not satisfied with the same things you were satisfied with before. Perhaps you don’t even fit in the same places that you once fit in before. Maybe even your friends will change. This is the time you would probably here the phrase, “you forgot where you came from.” My new response to that is, I didn’t forget it, I just can’t stay in it. I’ve got to get out of here. I can’t stay in this rut.

This reminds me of my wife’s latest round of surgical procedures. She was in the hospital for two weeks. She received a colonoscopy. That in itself isn’t really strange, but the way that they chose for her to heal was. The surgical doctor decided that since there was such a chance of her getting an infection because they were working with so much fecal matter, they decided that they would use what is called a wound vac and leave the surgical opening, open. The wound vac assists the healing of the wound from the inside out.

So looking at the leadership example above, you are leaving one job to move to another, you are going through another birthing process to get to another dimension. So really you are being born again, and again, and again. The way the process works in any industry is that you get a job, or as an entrepreneur, you have your business, the business gets going and soon you get comfortable. You get all settled in. You say,”Now I have my life all nice and neat, I finally got it just the way I want it.” But then you look around, and the “water breaks” in the situation and soon enough You have to re-create yourself, re-define yourself and start all over again. You were sure of yourself before but now you are a student again of the new process. you knew how to do everything before the water broke, but now you are learning again and you are, “born again.”

this story isn’t about birth or even the birth process, but the trauma of Transition is what was described above. The trauma of the traveller. The trauma of the child being delivered from one world to another. Are you ready for your transition?


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