Push The Button

 So today i got on the elevator to go to Carols room. There were two ladies already on the elevator. I just walked on. We exchanged pleasantries and the elevator started moving. After one of the ladies got to her floor, I looked at the panel and my floor was not lit. I forgot to push a button to which floor I wanted to go. I told the second lady, I guess I better push a button so I can get where I need to go. 

How many people do you know that have not yet pushed their button?  Going someplace but not sure where.  Many people go places but really go nowhere.

In order for you to get to where you are going, you need to know where you are going. There are many ways to know how to get somewhere; a map, a button,  a compass, or perhaps a “life plan”.  Today for me, the elevator had know idea where I wanted to go until I pushed the button to my floor.

My friend Mack Story says this: “If you were betting on the best way to get from where you are to where you want to be would you bet on ‘by accident’ or ‘by design’. Most people say by design but live by accident.

Now sometimes you get on the elevator and your floor is already pushed. Although the elevator didn’t know that is where you wanted to go, it was actually someone else making the decision. This was actually by design,  but someone else’s design.  Someone else wanted to go the same place you wanted but for what purpose.  Not the same purpose as you.

Do you allow other people make the decision as to what direction you want to go? How about in your work place? Are you a leader or a follower?  It’s not a bad thing to be a follower.  The world needs followers too.  I would hope you are your own decision maker. You have to make your own choices. Go ahead and start today to push your own button, and create your own destination.

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