#Leadership Lessons from Hall of Fame Managers

This was right up the alley to which I was going to speak today. What I haved learned is that Leadership is Influence and Influence is Leadership. Do you think any one of these Hall of Fame Coaches had any influence in the way they handled their teams?

Jim Earle

This past week the baseball Hall of Fame welcomed three of the greatest managers in the history of baseball.  Tony LaRussa, Bobby Cox, and Joe Torre were all officially inducted last Sunday.  These are the managers who rank third, fourth, and fifth in all-time victories.  According to Tim Kurkjian on ESPN.com, these three managers combined to manage for 91 years, won 7,558 games, made 45 playoff appearances, won 17 pennants and eight world series championships.

Bobby Cox of the Atlanta Braves Bobby Cox of the Atlanta Braves

Thanks to one of my friends (and a loyal reader of my blog!), I was directed to an interview LaRussa did with NPR prior to the induction ceremony.  It was a fascinating interview and I want to paraphrase some of it here for you.  When LaRussa was asked what he, Cox, and Torre had in common he answered that all three were very relationship driven. They were very hands-on…

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