Character Counts

Building Character is a process. I remember listening to the radio a while back to a short snippet that was called “character counts.” It is now the largest character education program in the nation. It dealt a lot with sports back when I knew it and I looked them up again just recently and they cover several areas now. They teach the youth of the nation important character traits. Well when we grow up, we still need to develop character traits but for the most part, they should already be ingrained through your up bringing.

 Leadership as I have come to know it know is Influence. Thanks to my friend Mack Story, he teaches that leadership is influence and influence is leadership. What about character standards? Who is responsible to influence (lead) character management in your organization? Is there supposed to be someone in charge of character? A Character Operations Officer (COO)

 When we talk about corporate organizations, the standards set by leadership should support the corporate culture. A set of values , clear expectations, and decisive action taken both to empower positive behavior and to address negative behavior. Does the organization actually have the influence to build your character? Maybe not personally but professionally, which is personal as well, Yes. The organization uses the entire outfit to integrate character and excellence into every aspect and function, and then communicate the core philosophy to the organization. This then is a form of formal authority.

One thing I learned from Mack is this: When you only have formal authority over others, they only do what they have to do. When you have formal and moral authority with others, they do what they have to do PLUS what they want to do which is a lot more than they have to do.

Wouldn’t it be easier to have both the formal and the moral authority? Having people do what they want to do is a process that happens when they choose to change. Stepping out of the box to coin an old cliché, and facing the fear of doing something new and/or challenging is just half the battle. Leading people is just a matter of getting them to a common goal. Through the value of influence, you can lead a lot more people if they understand they are not being treated as a tool, but are being treated as people in the organization. Its time to strengthen the stance on character, values and pride to empower the current workforce and inspire generations to come.

Carol and I went to Birmingham for a routine appointment. While there, we had our course of direction changed. Our plans were now heading in a new direction. The doctor told us that after reading the morning blood work, he wanted Carol to check into the ER immediately. Now what do you think would have happened if either one of us said no or through a tantrum and went home instead. (Tantrum – a sudden burst of ill temper). One value in your character building perhaps should be responsibility. Having the responsibility to do what you are supposed to do and when you do that, always do your best. Carol and I looked at each other and wondered why we had to go to the ER. We were told to call the Dr. who then told us why. We used self-control and we were accountable for our actions and attitudes. We ended up staying in the hospital for 3 days but that was fine. Going through the process of having Cancer, you learn that there is no such thing as normal or routine.

Have a positive attitude about your daily life and its tasking’s. If you find yourself around negativity and or nay-sayers, move to a different place. Do not let that negativity interfere with your positive.

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