Living The Dream

Dream Big

Dream Big. What exactly does that mean? Well, maybe we should re-think the question. Chalene Johnson says that we should think these questions: How big is your heart? How deep is your passion? How strong is your desire to help or share “this thing” with the world?”

When I first started as an Independent Business Owner I don’t think I realized what those questions meant. It took me a few months to realize what “big” was. At first I was making up reasons to not do things within my own business. As I look back, it didn’t even make sense. Mack Story uses this in one of his posts, “Whenever you place the cause of one of your actions outside of yourself, it’s an excuse, not a reason.” ~ unknown

I had a lot of excuses when I first started. I can’t go here because; I can’t do that because. Now I do have a small reason for me not being as active or  hot and heavy in my business, it is my wife and her cancer battle. That in itself takes a lot of time, but that does not mean that I have forgotten about my business. There are other ways to accomplish things in your business as well. My business is a people business. Since the doctor’s, nurses and others that I meet at the hospital are actual people, I get to share my business with them as well. So I am living my dream as I get through the other life challenges. I also would not have met these people if we weren’t going there. I don’t know if that is quite the trade off that I would prefer, but since we were dealt that plate, we might as well eat off of it.

After all, it is all about Attitude. Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference, that is why I write this blog. If your attitude about how you go about life if positive, positive things will come about. I remember reading in a book called “Live The Dream-No More Excuses” by Larry Winters when he was speaking of his car wash job. Now he was the happiest car wash employee that anyone could have known. He had recently been promoted to assistant manager and thought he was on the path to success. It wasn’t much later the manager said to him, “Larry, we need to put you on a new schedule, and it means you will be working every other night and every other weekend.” Larry said his heart sank as he too was starting to build his dream and without that extra time, he would be cheated out of time. He informed his manager that he couldn’t do that. The manager said, What do you mean? I have already spoke with upper management and you don’t have a choice. Either take the new schedule or we will have to fire you. Larry told the manager, Sir, you don’t have to fire me, I do have a choice and I quit. He did quit and built a very stable business. It was his attitude! Not only as a father and husband to quit the only full time income paying job they had, and during financial struggles too, but he was now able to focus 100% of his time on his business. It was then caught the vision, “that his tomorrow could be better than his yesterday…”

What will it take for you to say, “I quit?” What is your dream? Are you satisfied living someone else’s dream? Live your own dream. Use this as your inital vision statement: My tomorrow will be better than my yesterday if I do (this). Are you really “Living the Dream.” Ask me how I can help you live your dream.

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