Steven’s Story

Steven is a retired Army Sergeant. He left home when he was 18. His first job was in a local convenience store where he was a stocker and a cashier. He was more than that though. Not that that job wasn’t important, it was to the owner of the store. Steven really wanted to go to a trade school and learn carpentry. Little did he know that was not part of God’s plan. You see, Steven was doing God’s work in his local church by teaching Awana youth. He was very active. It just wasn’t what he needed though.

Steven enlisted into the Army in early 1981. Steven wanted to be a carpenter but that job was not available. He went in as a mechanic. Of course his recruiter told him that he could change his job later on down the road.

Never happened. He had many jobs in the Army but the one he was most proud of was that of Chaplain’s Assistant. Now this wasn’t a permanent job but a temporary one. He was able to travel around to different locations with the chaplain.

Steven started his leadership journey when he was in the Army but only as a military man. He didn’t start learning how to be a true leader until he was at Fort Hood as a civilian. There he learned the importance of leading people and really started his focus on leadership.

Now he has intensified his learning and wanting to turn his focus into coaching. Steven has done many things in his life but one thing he loves to do is ride bikes. He has ridden several hundred miles on his road bike. He just recently acquired a mountain bike and will be trying that out in the next season. He was going to start this year of 2014 but his wife Carol got sick and Steven had to stop and take care of her. Steven was married to Carol Karmgard in 1983. Steven and Carol have traveled all over. They have lived in Germany together for 13 years. It was during the last few years in Germany that Carol started not to feel well. Steven graduated with his bachelor’s degree in Recreation Management in 1996, and earned his Masters of Business Administration in 2008.

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