What? Soccer un-American? Ann Coulter un-

As a follow-up to my post this morning, I read an article about Ann Coulter and how she thinks Soccer is un-American. She stated that “Any growing interest in soccer can only be a sign of the nation’s moral decay. Now my blog is about being positive and having a positive attitude.

I don’t understand her actual point of concern. Why is she knocking soccer when it is actually gaining US interest. She rants about how it isn’t this and isn’t that and how “Individual achievement is not a big factor in soccer. In a real sport, players fumble passes, throw bricks and drop fly balls — all in front of a crowd. When baseball players strike out, they’re standing alone at the plate. But there’s also individual glory in home runs, touchdowns and slam-dunks.”

Now I have agreed and disagreed with Ann over the years but this really takes the cake. A note from a fellow blogger describes her rant this way: Moral decay? That’s a bit much even for a rabble rouser like Coulter, but it’s been a popular line in the far right wing media recently thanks to soccer’s sudden rise in popularity. Obviously, anything that’s popular in Europe is awful, and will only bring socialism to America, so this evil nuisance must be stomped out so our children don’t all  become homosexuals…even though if they are, it’s because they were born that way and it’s perfectly acceptable. I find it

Ann Coulter stated that “Individual achievement is not a big factor in soccer. ”  Exactly how do you think the ball gets in the goal Ms. Coulter? Soccer is much more about individual achievement than any other sport, but there is also the team effort that is portrayed. I really think you have never watched soccer until now and really don’t understand the game. I on the other hand actually think that America is changing because of the younger generation being exposed to the game of soccer.

I guess if you are in the business of self promotion and need to get your name on the top of the daily list, she has done that. She is now driving up her ratings. Like her or not, she has caught the attention of a lot of American Soccer Fans.

So here is the positive spin. Ann Coulter is not stupid. She is a business woman. with that said, she taken something that is here and now and forced her way in. She now has a captive audience and several bloggers (to include myself) writing rebuttals. She has taken a story line and bolstered it through the American journalists and pow, back in the game. In that line of work, (she is on the radio as well) controversy is king. A great publicity stunt!

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