Change Yourself

Change You

There are probably 3 major areas to concentrate on in order to “change”. 1. Your Income, 2. Your social life, 3. Your Health. The easiest change that you can make is your attitude. First smile and you will automatically see difference in yourself and your environment. Even if you force a smile you will soon feel happy and make others happy around you. Try it, it works.

What is your attitude as you read this blog? You most likely are your greatest critic. Your inner voice can be the most influential that you hear. It can tell you whether you are happy or sad. When you are happy, you most likely will not key into your inner voice. But when you are sad, angry, stressed, or scared, you hone in on why you feel that way. The reason is because you want to not feel that way.

I remember one way that teaches you to get out of that negativity. Put post it notes on your mirror in the bathroom. The power of visualization and repitition will improve your negative attitude. Don’t worry about how long it might take, just take the action. It is the action that will lead to the change.

I will discuss the three components individually on separate posts.

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